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A Surrealist House?

surrealist apartments

Exterior of the Orbis South Melbourne “Surrealist” condo building

I recently found this article (via this blog) from Melbourne’s The Weekly Review about a new 48-condo unit Surrealist-inspired building.  It is supposedly based on the work of “international sculptor Anish Kapoor and Belgian surrealist Rene Magritte”.  This may sound like bizarre inspiration for home design but before you judge, let me give you a tour of the apartment amenities!

Each unit has 2-3 very large bedrooms:

Rene Magritte - The Listening Room

Colorful and spacious living rooms:

Additionally, two story townhouses are available:

Rene Magritte - Forbidden literature (The use of the Word)

Each unit has a large fireplace:

Rene Magritte - La Duree poignardee

The study area can be convert to a play room which the kids will love:

Some units have city views:

While other units have forest views:

Prices range from a flying tortoise to 17 wooden dowels.  Pre-order today! 

(Personally, I going to wait for the Cubist apartment building….)

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